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Ben and baby Ezra who just missed Santa this year

We just had our second birth with Cheryl - and again, she was a great help in the lead up, during and after the birth. We hit a bit of turbulence with medical providers, and this birth was a bit different, but Cheryl was still there to help and support my wife and I, and the outcome was a safe and healthy baby boy.There is no way I would ever have a birth without Cheryl, and so thankful she was there for both of them.


“ Cheryl became our counsel, our rock, our calm as we transformed from two to three and from three to four. She will always have a special place in our lives and hearts. ”


Stork Talk

Delivering Strategies for your ideal birth.

Give yourself the best chance of a positive birth in a hospital setting. A new book by one of Australias leading doulas, Cheryl Sheriff.


Sharing wisdom from her 30 years experience as a midwife and doula, and her presence at over 1000 hospital births.


After reading this book you will have more direction, and feel confident, excited and less daunted by the experiences to come.


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