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Carly, Alex and baby Isla February 2016

"Don't give birth without Cheryl"
This is what I said shortly after the birth of our daughter via VBAC. We desperately wanted a natural birth resulting in a healthy baby & mum and it would not have been possible without the support and knowledge Cheryl provided. The rewards of a natural birth are so great (physically & emotionally) yet it can be difficult to achieve. Cheryl made this happen for our family with her warm-hearted yet professional approach which always kept us on the path to achieving our wishes. I can't express enough how important it was to have Cheryl as our doula as this meant our experiences after the birth were positive also. I felt physically able to care for our newborn and our active toddler. Breastfeeding was a breeze compared to the first time and I could better cope with the lack of sleep. Cheryl also supported us after the birth which we didn't expect. We can't speak highly enough of Cheryl and thoroughly recommend her.

Carly, Alex and baby Isla February 2016


“ I loved that Cheryl was experienced….I felt completely able to turn to her as a credible source of knowledge and support. ”


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