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Carmen, Rob and baby Elijah December 2016

When we first fell pregnant we had not ever considered using a doula but whilst investigating our birthing options we came across Cheryl's book. After reading it we decided we should definitely give her a call. We wondered if we were being a bit 'over the top' having doula support but having experienced pregnancy and birth with Cheryl at our side I can wholeheartedly say we would not want to have been without her and should we be blessed with another child we will certainly have Cheryl support us again.

Cheryl was a wise and reassuring presence throughout our pregnancy helping us to navigate the many decisions to be made. In her kind, warm and respectful way she listened to our wishes and helped us explore our options with recommendations for books and other resources.

During Elijah's birth Cheryl was instrumental in ensuring that we had the natural birth we were hoping for despite the many unpredictable twists and turns that unfolded. We couldn't have been happier with our birthing experience. Cheryl was always there with gentle guidance, reassuring touch and nourishment for all of us. Without Cheryl there supporting us all I am sure it would have been a very different, and certainly more stressful experience.

Cheryl has also been there for us as we settle in with our new arrival, talking through our birth experience and answering any questions or concerns we may have.

Thanks again for everything Cheryl, your help and support has meant the world to us!


“ With Cheryl’s help we were able to work through our fears and towards our goals. ”

James and Elizabeth

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