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Catherine, Preetesh and baby Kishen October 2021

After a very long fertility journey I was super keen to make our pregnancy and birth experience the best it could be. I had heard of the concept of a doula before and thought it seemed like an excellently idea. I asked around for recommendations through my network and found Cheryl.
She was so responsive and came over and met my husband and Mum and talked us through what her support would look like. We decided to go on the journey with Cheryl and so glad we did. We connected early in my pregnancy and it was so useful, even learning things about how to sit properly to get your baby in the best position meant I upgraded my office chair early on.
Cheryl had a huge amount of recommendations and referrals about how to make pregnancy as comfortable and health and possible and I think I did just about all of them, things like Osteo, pregnancy yoga, Acupuncture, the list goes on. I think this all meant I had a comfortable and healthy pregnancy, right until 42 weeks! Unfortunately, baby did not decide to come and Cheryl was a great support helping us navigating our options as we got post term.
We did end up with a c-section whilst not what we were hoping for I felt like I had done everything I could and I got to make the choice. Cheryl’s support has continued post birth and meant I have got the support I needed quickly like a lactation consultant to ensure I could improve breast feeding quickly.
I would highly recommend Cheryl such amazing support, and network that has given me so much confidence in navigating my first pregnancy and birth.


“ I had no idea what to expect or how I could support my partner during the birth. ”


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