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Catherine, Sean and baby Layla February 2018

I have known Cheryl for six years now and have had the pleasure of sharing the births of both my children with her. Two completely different births but both equally as positive!

Despite Cheryl's wealth of knowledge, I have always most admired her strength of character and sense of humour. She is able to listen without judgement and has the ability to make an anxious 'mother to be' feel heard, calm and grounded, in the face of some often intense discussions and decisions that need to be made in preparation for birth.

Cheryl is a very positive person to be around and this energy undoubtedly follows her into the birthing room. I think much of her success lays in her ability to read her ladies so well, giving them both space and time when it is needed. Cheryl’s confidence in women and her excitement about the birthing process is contagious and very reassuring.

Most recently, my daughter Layla Jane was born at the Mater Mothers. At almost 42 weeks the doctors wanted to induce me but I declined. I held onto the belief that my baby would come when she was ready and sure enough she did. I have found the birthing process to be profoundly healing both times, in different ways and for different reasons. Face to face with some of my deepest fears, when the time finally came, I found myself feeling stronger and calmer than ever. I cannot thank Cheryl enough for all her support, patience, kindness and guidance along the way.

“She believed she could, so she did”


“ Having professional support was our best birth decision. We had control over this aspect no matter what happened. ”

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