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Cherie, Leland and baby Diwa November 2017

Having read Cheryl's book, 'Stork Talk' while trying to conceive our second child, it was a no brainer to engage Cheryl as our birth doula when we finally fell pregnant. We felt that doula support from someone as experienced as Cheryl - and the continuity of care that Cheryl provides - would give us the best chance of a successful VBAC. As it turns out we were right!

Cheryl was a consistent source of evidence-based and emotional support throughout the pregnancy, birth and now post-natally. She was such a great source of information and support after hospital visits, especially at the end of our pregnancy when we landed in the high-risk category for various reasons. It was great to know she was only a text or phone call away during those hospital visits to help provide another perspective.

During the birth itself, I almost burst into tears with relief when Cheryl walked in the door. Whilst we had already had a great early labour experience, when Cheryl arrived we knew we were in the best of hands. 2.5 hours later our son was in our arms, and during that time, Cheryl had helped emotionally support myself and my husband, helped us stay 'in the zone' while the medical professionals did what they needed to do - and we had our drug-free VBAC birth.

Words can't adequately describe our gratitude at all that Cheryl brought to the pregnancy, birth and now in our post-natal care period. We can't recommend Cheryl highly enough.
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“ Having professional support was our best birth decision. We had control over this aspect no matter what happened. ”

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Stork Talk

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