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Chloe, Jono and baby Gracie January 2016

Well, once again Cheryl's doula services and supportive friendship was invaluable during our second pregnancy and the birth of our baby girl, Gracie. When we found out we were pregnant for the second time, my initial thought was not to engage Cheryl's services, as we had already had a baby and experienced a hospital birth, and how different could it be the second time around??.......My husband, however, was adamant about engaging Cheryl again and reminded me that everything does not always go to plan......he was most certainly right!
During our first pregnancy Cheryl was amazing. Her level of knowledge about babies, pregnancy, birth and the hospital system is unparalleled. Having Cheryl by our side was like having our own private midwife and close supportive family member all in one. Both my husband and I can honestly say, she is the best money we have ever spent!
As we progressed towards the final trimester of our second pregnancy my age (>38 years) presented a bit of an obstacle course for us at the hospital, with doctors wanting to induce me early due to an "increased risk of still birth" and a "new" hospital policy. However, the doctors and nurses at the hospital were not on the same page with this policy and the information we received at each check-up was inconsistent and gave us fear and doubt between choosing an early induction or progressing towards my due date. Having Cheryl to help us through the last weeks and present us with the pros and cons of the choices presented to us was fantastic and we were able to come to an agreement in regards to induction that all parties were happy with. Cheryl discussed with us the latest research and her thoughts on the risk of advanced maternal age and still birth, and assisted us in making the decision that we were happy with. If Cheryl was unsure of any of our questions, she would research the topic and come back to us later.
Cheryl is a loving, highly educated and wonderful person/friend/doula, and we feel blessed to have found her and been supported by her for the birth of our two beautiful children. We highly recommend her services and if we were to have a third child, we would definitely engage her again.
Chloe, Jono and baby Gracie January 2016


“ Cheryl became our counsel, our rock, our calm as we transformed from two to three and from three to four. She will always have a special place in our lives and hearts. ”


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