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Christina, Kev and baby Harry November 2018

My wife and I recently had our first baby and Cheryl was our Doula. I had not known much about a doulas role until Cheryl’s name came up with close friends who had talked about their positive experience and the support that they received from her. It came time for my wife and I to decide on the kind of support we wanted for our birth and I am grateful that we engaged with Cheryl for our journey. After our first meeting, I left feeling excited and more empowered about the birth experience and that continued well into the fourth trimester. Cheryl shared a lot of useful knowledge leading up to the birth not just around labour but also how to navigate the hospital system and respectfully achieve the birth we wanted. I would recommend Cheryl if you are looking for a good balance of knowledge and all-round support!

Cheryl was our Doula for the birth of our first baby and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Cheryl had a great deal of knowledge around pregnancy, birth and beyond, and throughout the entire process, stayed in touch with us, was practical and present, and contributed to a very positive and memorable birth experience. Before and after birth, Cheryl was informative, kind, flexible, and supportive. She also visited us in our newborn haze and cooked us several home cooked meals! During labour and birth, Cheryl remained supportive, strong, calm, and respectful. She assisted me to have my ideal birth as intervention-free as much as possible, and was a great deal of comfort and support for my husband. We went into the birth experience feeling safe, respected, and well informed :)


“ Staff at the hospital were very impressed by Cheryl's support, and some of them were amazed that I had successfully had a vaginal birth after two Caesars. My husband and I both felt that we couldn't have done this without Cheryl's support — and we would gladly recommend her to any other expecting couples. ”


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