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Christina, William and baby Cyra February 2018

Christina, William and baby Cyra February 2018
Cheryl is my Angel
I have just finished my first birth experience with Cheryl and I could not recommend her anymore highly. When I met Cheryl I was at a horrible point in my life and just wasn’t coping with the pregnancy at all.

I knew within the first ten minutes of speaking with Cheryl on the phone that she was exactly what I needed. This lady is so full of knowledge that is backed up by evidence and has a background/history that solidifies that she knows her stuff.... then when I met her face to face I was equally as impressed. She completely understood, respected and supported my ideas/views that I felt so safe and all the horrid feelings/emotions I had gone through slowly disappeared.

Constantly leading up to the birth Cheryl was there for both me and my husband, she gave us handouts and books and filled us with all the knowledge we needed to help us on our journey, I knew no matter what as long as I had her I would be ok. We were well prepped. I only wish I had of found her sooner.

My birth didn’t quite go to plan as bub had other ideas but that’s ok because Cheryl worked flawlessly with the hospital and midwives to make the experience the best it could be and at no point did I feel scared or not listened to with Cheryl by my side.

If Cheryl could clone herself so that every woman could have her throughout their pregnancies we would have a lot more happy, healthy mummas out there :)

Thank you Cheryl for everything!!!!! you will never truly understand how your coming into our lives means the world to me. Keep doing the amazing work you do.


“ If there was a machine that cost $200,000.00, reduced the caesarean rate by half, cut the length of labour by 2 hours and decreased other interventions, hospitals would have 2, 3, or 4 of them. It’s hard for us to believe that human support can have such a profound effect on a medical outcome. ”

Dr. Marshall Klaus M.D., co- author of Mothering the Mother

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