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Daniella, Daylyn and baby Layla May 2019

As a first time mum that is considered 'mature' I was nervous about labour and possible complications and also the public system. After researching doulas, I came across Cheryl's website and her experience and testimonials were unbeatable and we hired her immediately. Throughout my pregnancy Cheryl was available and we had several mornings at our house for her to get to know us and go over our birth plan and answer any questions we had. I have no family or friends nearby and my husband is DIDO so having someone to talk to and guide me was invaluable.
When the big day arrived I felt nervous but excited, my initial fear of the birth had gone and I felt empowered and ready to face whatever might unfold. The labour progressed well but baby decided to face the wrong way sometime in the night and we made the choice to go for a drip and epidural. I was exhausted but Cheryl talked me through my options and I decided to go for it. Best decision ever! I was lucky enough to have a rest while the contractions ramped up and about 6 hours later our baby girl managed to turn around and was calmly born undisturbed and with no pushing, no tearing and no c section!
We couldn't thank Cheryl enough for her guidance and wisdom and emotional support that she provided both of us in this journey. We have been blessed with an enjoyable pregnancy and labour and now have a healthy daughter. We'd definitely hire her again for our next baby.


“ I loved that Cheryl was experienced….I felt completely able to turn to her as a credible source of knowledge and support. ”


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