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Danielle, John and baby Jules June 2017

Soon after I became pregnant I found myself fascinated (and slightly obsessed) about all things birth! I kept coming across the term “Doula" and after learning they were a birth planner I was sold. As a wedding planner, myself I understand the importance of having support in the lead up and on the day of the wedding. A “Doula" was my “Franck”providing invaluable birth information in the lead up and being by my side for the entire 15 hour labour. The service continued post birth with Cheryl sending me positive messages of support and a delicious veggie lasagne.

Cheryl was recommended to me by my Obstetrician and after meeting her I knew she was the one for me. My plan (like many) didn’t go to plan. I was induced five days after my due date due. Cheryl literally held my hand throughout the whole birth and made the experience an extremely positive one. I began motherhood with a new found confidence which has continued to this day.

Initially my partner was not fussed in hiring a Doula. He didn’t see why we had to spend more money on a service he thought was provided by the hospital. However after experiencing me going through an intense labour he did eat his words and admitted “Cheryl was worth her weight in gold and in hindsight I would have paid double for her service”.

I am sad our journey with Cheryl is over however hopefully we will be able to do it all again! Everyone needs a “Cheryl” in their life and I am so grateful she was in ours.


“ Cheryl, thank you so much for listening, preparing, and providing Bec and I with the strength to birth naturally. What an amazing experience. ”

Daniel, Bec, and ... of course Charley

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