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Em, Hugh and Marlowe

We were first introduced to the idea of a doula by some friends who were further along in their pregnancy than us. Upon researching ourselves we decided that this kind of support for me, my partner and our baby would ultimately be invaluable. As both of us are in the health field and aware of the risks associated with birth intervention and hospital birth in general it came naturally to want to accept a doula into our process. The thought as a first time ‘mum to be’ put my mind at ease that there would be someone dedicated to supporting both of us equally.

We found Cheryl’s website first and arranged to meet (free of charge which was a plus!) At the time of our meeting we were still unsure (and very confused!) as to where we wanted to give birth. Cheryl’s visit answered all and more of our questions and we were left feeling more confident about our choices. It was evident that her experience in the field was of the highest quality and her calm empathic nature put us at ease. After being accepted into the birth centre at RBWH I was a little unsure thinking we were going overboard hiring a doula as we already had a team of 3 midwives. Looking back I am so happy we did. The midwives were great but having that extra support really tied everything together.

Cheryl was on board with everything we wanted to do including a lotus birth and helped by giving us information and answering all of our questions. After each meeting with her I felt more knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth and more confident about achieving the natural birth we wanted.

Feeling as prepared as I thought I could be, I went into early labour which lasted for a night and the whole next day. Having contacted Cheryl to touch base and let her know what was happening I felt content and happy to carry on at home with my partner. We ended up meeting Cheryl outside the birth centre late that night and together we all went up and got settled in the room. Labour stalled briefly but once left alone for a little bit I was soon experiencing strong contractions. As labour progressed and intensified, I was working to my body’s maximum capacity and there was a split moment where some fear and negativity took hold. Looking back at this moment for me highlighted where things could have taken a different course mentally and potentially physically if we didn’t have a doula. Once through transition and in the tub our beautiful baby girl was born not long after via water birth.

Having a doula allowed my partner to be wholly in the moment with me and not worry about taking on several roles. Personally, Cheryl’s role took the fear and any negativity I had associated with labour away and allowed for my partner to be with me physically and mentally 100% of the time.

Including Cheryl in our birth process was a vital step in the right direction for us in achieving a beautiful natural birth, and most importantly the best start to life for our daughter.

Born October 2014


“ I loved that Cheryl was experienced….I felt completely able to turn to her as a credible source of knowledge and support. ”


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