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Kym, Kieran and baby Hugo April 2018

Our two ideal births were thanks to having Cheryl on board. She played such a fundamental role throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatal days of our second and third babies, I literally do not know how we would have navigated our way through it all without her.
Cheryl was the wise woman I was looking for to guide me through some big decisions that needed to be made in order to get to achieve two successful low/no intervention VBACs. She is professional, very well respected by obstetricians and midwives and draws on years of experience and evidence based research. Her ability to give quiet confidence when needed most is something I will truly always be grateful for.
Cheryl is one of a kind, and I hope that the future of pre and postnatal care sees Doula services more common place, as I don’t know how women achieve positive births without the support of someone like her in the current medical climate/landscape.


“ Cheryl, thank you so much for listening, preparing, and providing Bec and I with the strength to birth naturally. What an amazing experience. ”

Daniel, Bec, and ... of course Charley

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