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Mel, Richard, Edward and Alister

I would recommend the services of Cheryl of Ideal Birth to any couple who are expecting. Cheryl through her pre birth workshops gave us some brilliant knowledge which empowered both my husband and I to make excellent decisions surrounding the birth of our son. Cheryl’s calm, and almost zen approach to childbirth was a god send. As a woman who is a control freak, Cheryls influence helped me take a back seat to the power of mother nature and let
the birth of our son evolve. Throughout the labour I was able to stay calm and focussed knowing that Cheryl was there to help us both, as my husband was an important part of the labour process for me. Cheryl was fantastic with my husband and he was able to take an active role in both the pregnancy, labour and birth.

I loved how Cheryl became a part of our family, even our toddler loved her visits.

Cheryl was always available for questions and feedback and even to listen to the odd hormonal rant ( or few, as pregnant ladies are known to have).

Even though we were hoping for a VBAC, but for medical reasons our son was born via Caesarean, we still felt that, from the education we received via Cheryl and the informed decisions we were then able to make that the birth we had was healing and empowering. Unlike the birth of our first son, where we felt we had no voice or options, this birth we gained tools which enabled us to
negotiate our way through the usual red tape, whereas previously we felt we hadn’t been given any option.

The skills we gained via cheryl will serve us well in life and in the years of raising our boys. She taught us how to negotiate within the healthcare system and how to get a positive outcome and have our views heard.

I feel almost sad that this is my last pregnancy, as I wont have the need to make use of Cheryls services and will miss her. But I will not hesitate to recommend her to every pregnant couple I know.

Born September 2014


“ Cheryl was a great support and always full of useful information and supplied us with reading materials, CD’s, DVD’s and books so we were fully informed of the stages of labour, comforting positions, pain relief choices if we needed them, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques etc etc.

By the time my baby was due I felt very confident that I could labour successfully and handle anything that was thrown our way. ”


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