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Penny, Mark and baby Ardie January 2016

- From Penny -
Thank you Cheryl...
We are now fully aware that peace of mind is a choice and having you as part of our team is simply the best decision we made.
Your knowledge, support and enthusiasm during the pregnancy was genuine and heartfelt. You provided information, resources and strategies to help up prepare for the unknown as well as sound advice that was suited to our personal situation and circumstances.
On the day, you were there; excited, ready and raring to go! This allowed us to be exactly where we needed to be; in the moment and focused on what was happening without concern of our environment, hospital staff or other in-competencies that had the absolute potential to derail what played out as quite the "ideal birth" indeed.
Your kind and gentle presence was the perfect comfort and reassurance for both myself and Mark, we are so grateful. You are passionate and genuine and we are so grateful to have met you and shared this experience with you.

- From Mark -
I had no idea what a Doula was until I met you and I'm so glad that we decided to share this experience together.
From a male perspective, the peace of mind knowing that you had our backs in such a foreign environment was second to none.
Being able to simply be in the moment and not have to worry that Penny was ok or being properly taken care of was such a relief.
Thank you for absolutely everything... (from a man of very few words)


“ One of the things we loved most about Cheryl’s approach to supporting us was that she really helped us examine the PROCESS of birth and how we felt about each step, so that we could be clear about our preferences for proceeding through it.

We never felt like she judged our decisions along that process pathway – just supported us to feel confident and let go of fears surrounding each step of the way. ”


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