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Rhiannon, Dave and baby Corrie May 2020

Our overwhelming memories of the birth of our son are magical. There is no doubt in our minds, that without Cheryl, the outcome would have been very different. Cheryl worked incredibly hard with us from the outset, to support the birth we desired. We were very keen to try for a vaginal birth as our daughter was delivered by c-section as she was breech. I had a lot of complex health issues to take into account. In addition to this, due to COVID, the hospital enforced a 1 support person only rule in the birth suite. Cheryl was completely un-phased by all these factors! In fact she thrives when challenges are presented. She fought the hospital stipulation and quite remarkably, overturned it and was given special dispensation to attend our birth. It was always very clear to us how passionate and determined Cheryl is about supporting and empowering not only women, but their partners, but this was on a different level - Cheryl for PM!!! Her support and guidance on the run up to the birth was invaluable and without it, I would potentially have been induced, had an epidural and without doubt, would have had another c-section.

Cheryl gave us:
• the confidence to stick to our intended plan, safe in the knowledge that we weren't taking unnecessary risks
• provided a wealth of knowledge on pain relief, in order to focus our efforts on those that were most effective and would assist our birth plan
• kept us in the moment and gave us the best emotional support possible
• worked seamlessly with hospital staff to provide a calm and relaxed environment
• worked with staff to give us the best opportunity to deliver unassisted.
I think it’s very telling how much respect the hospital staff had for Cheryl. She knows her stuff inside out, she’s caring, compassionate and on top of this she made me laugh a lot! Personally I think it’s unfair to expect a partner to take on a role they have no training in - it’s a huge event for them too - and because of that my husband and I are in complete agreement that we absolutely could not have had the birth we wanted without Cheryl.
The after care has been outstanding too. Cheryl has linked us up with industry experts and has been a phone call away for any questions.

Cheryl you’re formidable and amazing. THANK YOU xx


“ It became apparent that half the battle of achieving the birth I wanted was the power to negotiate the health care system…With her knowledge and experience, Cheryl was able to help us negotiate the medical system and was our advocate during labour. ”


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