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Rosie, Gobes and baby Eleanor December 2016

"Cheryl was amazing. She came to our house while I was in active labour and helped me with different positions, breathing techniques and massage. Cheryl's light massage was so wonderful and calming - her hands are worth her fee alone! With Cheryl's help, we were able to stay home much longer and I was already 7cm dilated when I arrived at the hospital. Cheryl was also of invaluable assistance when we were at the hospital - she was able to do various practical things like opening doors and communicating with hospital staff, while I held onto my husband and just breathed through each contraction. In the birth suite, I was unlucky with the midwife allocated to me but Cheryl was fantastic. I was able to just listen to her and ignore the midwife. In the end I had the exact birth I had hoped for - a natural vaginal delivery with no epidural. I have no doubt my birth outcome would have been very different if Cheryl had not been there.

Cheryl also gave us wonderful pre- and postpartum care. While I was pregnant she met with us several times and gave us very helpful advice on various things including baby positioning. I followed her advice and my baby stayed in an ideal position. She also visited us after the birth and it was lovely seeing her again.

I wouldn't give birth in a hospital without Cheryl and will definitely be contacting her when we (hopefully!) have Baby Number Two. Cheryl is a credit to her profession and really will give you the "Ideal Birth".


“ I am so proud of the work I did to birth our children and I fully credit Cheryl's support for ensuring that these births were all that I wanted them to be. ”


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