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Sara, Jason and baby Vander

I found Cheryl online after searching for Brisbane Doula's. I hesitated to give her a call because I was nervous: hiring someone and sharing my first birth story with was scary for me at the time. I ended up taking that leap and gave her a call. I immediately felt at ease talking to Cheryl and knew that she was the right choice to be my doula and birth partner.

I spoke to my husband and even though we couldn't really afford a doula, we also couldn't afford not to as there was so much fear surrounding giving birth naturally again. Having a doula is not something I felt like I deserved but as time went on I had to let go of this. I now believe that every woman deserves a birth partner.

Every time I spoke or met with Cheryl she made me feel like I could absolutely do it and that I would have a great birth.

I didn’t realise how valuable this belief in me was until two weeks before I gave birth. Cheryl’s advice to stay present; and that if I did, then fear didn't exist there. This kept me on my path. I was close to giving up and electing for a c-section but with the help of someone believing in me and encouraging me, I didn't.

Cheryl was gentle and encouraging; she recommended birth positioning exercises and lots of things to get baby ready and in the right position for birth (my first was a posterior birth).

I realised having a baby naturally was possible with help from Cheryl, my husband and a midwife; this allowed me to achieve my positive water birth. It helps to be somewhere where you can do your own thing but have the safety of a hospital right there should you need it.

Thank you Cheryl for helping me fight my fear and turn my second birth into an absolutely empowering experience.

Born March 2015


“ Cheryl is one of those amazing people who is living and breathing her passion. She has been an integral part of my three labours and births. ”


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