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Shannon, Dan and baby Archie December 2020

My wife and I feel absolutely blessed to have found and experienced Cheryl's support for the birth of our first son. We found her approach pragmatic yet empathetic along every step of the journey- before, during and after. With so much mixed information available online, Cheryl offers a research/evidence- based approach which is devoid from personal bias. She provided my wife with information and recommendations for different aspects of pregnancy, birth and the 4th trimester which we didn't get through the hospital. Cheryl came to our house for one on one sessions, made herself available on phone and emails for months, and has frequently contacted my wife after our son's birth to check in about recovery, feeding and life as new parents. My wife never considered a birth unaided by pain relief and ended up having an unmedicated birth with Cheryl's support. My wife used the breathing, positive self- talk and movement techniques learnt from Cheryl throughout labour. She was always by our side, held the shower head on my wife's back for hours, reassured us and guided my wife through the crisis points. Cheryl is a genuine, calm and kind person. Definitely reach out to Cheryl if you have any doubts.


“ Cheryl was a great support and always full of useful information and supplied us with reading materials, CD’s, DVD’s and books so we were fully informed of the stages of labour, comforting positions, pain relief choices if we needed them, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques etc etc.

By the time my baby was due I felt very confident that I could labour successfully and handle anything that was thrown our way. ”


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