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If you’re reading this and wanting to know if Cheryl is the right doula for you, then the answer is 100% yes!

My last pregnancy resulted in me having a rare complication and quite a traumatic birth experience. I ended up suffering both Antenatal anxiety and Post Natal Depression. My journey was not easy.

When I fell pregnant with my second child, I was DREADING the pregnancy journey - even though I felt blessed.

My pregnancy once again wasn’t an easy one. I suffered ongoing sickness, severe reflux and once again, I faced another rare complication that landed me in hospital. This time, it was different as I had Cheryl by my side encouraging me, believing in me and supporting me.

I truly can say, I wouldn’t have been able to survive this pregnancy without Cheryl’s calming ways. For somebody who has generalised anxiety disorder - I needed a strong support network and someone who could help me at my most vulnerable time.

Cheryl did all of that and beyond. When it came to birth - it was so reassuring to have her by my side keeping me calm and focused. Anybody who suffers anxiety will know the shear panic and the “what ifs” that are constantly circling in your mind , especially when you’re at your most vulnerable . To have her present, supporting me and reassuring me is something I will truly cherish for a lifetime. I brought my beautiful son into this world surrounded by people who believed in me and made me believe in myself.

I’ll truly be forever grateful for the help and support throughout my pregnancy and postnatal period and will cherish it for a lifetime.


“ Cheryl helped me by giving me lots of information and explaining to me all the different things I needed and wanted to know before my delivery, to make me feel fully prepared and not so terrified.

For example, Relaxation CD, Birth plan, Books about pregnancy, DVD's on birth, diet and exercise, procedures and what things the hospitals don't tell you and non-bias information about procedures. ”


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