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These are a few of the websites I have found to be of value in providing complementary services and information. More recommendations can be found in the resources section of Stork Talk.



Brisbane Birth Photography beautifully documents the day that your baby arrives, focusing on the wonderful moments that you experience together as a couple and in those first moments and hours after you meet you baby. Selena Rollason is one of Australia’s top birth photographers and the resulting images are something that you will treasure for many years.




The Hypnobirthing Australia™ program is a unique and comprehensive antenatal education program catering to Australian needs, that uses deep relaxation, self hypnosis and specific breathing techniques for a safer, easier and gentle birth.



Yogababy offers quality pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and birth education classes to empower parents to make conscious decisions about birth and parenting.





“ One of the things we loved most about Cheryl’s approach to supporting us was that she really helped us examine the PROCESS of birth and how we felt about each step, so that we could be clear about our preferences for proceeding through it.

We never felt like she judged our decisions along that process pathway – just supported us to feel confident and let go of fears surrounding each step of the way. ”


Stork Talk

Delivering Strategies for your ideal birth.

Give yourself the best chance of a positive birth in a hospital setting. A new book by one of Australias leading doulas, Cheryl Sheriff.


Sharing wisdom from her 30 years experience as a midwife and doula, and her presence at over 1000 hospital births.


After reading this book you will have more direction, and feel confident, excited and less daunted by the experiences to come.


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