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Wednesday, October 17th 2012


What if there really was a simple, free, natural way to give your baby a bit better start on the first day of life? What if there was something you could do, or something you could not do, that would:

  • Improve your baby’s blood counts now
  • Reduce the chance of your baby having iron deficiency later
  • Improve oxygen levels in your baby’s brain
  • Reduce the chances of your baby having serious bacterial infections
  • Stabilize your baby’s blood sugar levels
  • Improve organ growth for your baby

A growing number of studies suggest that what medical literature calls “delayed” cord clamping (what I call Optimal Cord Clamping) might do all of the above, and more.


“ One of the things we loved most about Cheryl’s approach to supporting us was that she really helped us examine the PROCESS of birth and how we felt about each step, so that we could be clear about our preferences for proceeding through it.

We never felt like she judged our decisions along that process pathway – just supported us to feel confident and let go of fears surrounding each step of the way. ”


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