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Holly, Scott and baby Hugo July 2018

Cheryl attended my 2nd birth as the ‘back up’ doula for Selena Rollason. They worked so closely together in the lead up to me going into labour that I felt comfortable and supported by both of them, but most importantly by Cheryl who was there on that very special day. If it weren’t for Cheryl and her calm advocacy I may not have been able to go home from hospital to labour as I was there for a check up when my waters broke and i was in early labour. Going home made all the difference as I went from 0 to 10cm within 3 hours once we left the hospital. Cheryl met us back at the hospital, again, calm and confident, as I struggled to make it to the door! I am so proud of my vbac and I know it was my own inner strength that got me there, but having a doula who can help create the right environment within the medical model meant I could just focus on giving birth, and my husband could also just be in the moment with me. She was available postnatally, and recommended a great massage therapist for self- care after baby. Thank you Cheryl. X


“ Cheryl became our counsel, our rock, our calm as we transformed from two to three and from three to four. She will always have a special place in our lives and hearts. ”


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