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Cheryl has supported us through 2 drug free labours, which ended up being two amazing experiences. I always wanted a drug free labour, but it is very easy to doubt yourself and Cheryl was extremely helpful, encouraging and has a way of taking the fear away and create a very calm and comfortable environment.


“ If there was a machine that cost $200,000.00, reduced the caesarean rate by half, cut the length of labour by 2 hours and decreased other interventions, hospitals would have 2, 3, or 4 of them. It’s hard for us to believe that human support can have such a profound effect on a medical outcome. ”

Dr. Marshall Klaus M.D., co- author of Mothering the Mother

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Delivering Strategies for your ideal birth.

Give yourself the best chance of a positive birth in a hospital setting. A new book by one of Australias leading doulas, Cheryl Sheriff.


Sharing wisdom from her 30 years experience as a midwife and doula, and her presence at over 1000 hospital births.


After reading this book you will have more direction, and feel confident, excited and less daunted by the experiences to come.


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