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Kristie, Andy and baby Harvey March 2020 Birthing during the Covid - 19 pandemic

We first reached out to Cheryl because we had a challenging start to our pregnancy journey after a period of uncertainty about the health of our baby. After confirmation that everything was ok, we were left with a large amount of fear about labour and birth. We had a need for a Doula who could provide us tailored care, understanding and support and help prepare us for the birth of our son. Cheryl delivered on all of these points and more.
Her sessions pre- birth were empowering and insightful and prepped us well for the big event. Cheryl was always available for any questions both pre and post birth, especially beneficial as we got closer to our due date. On the day Cheryl was a major support for our family and it made us feel more at ease knowing we had an extra member of our team with a huge wealth of knowledge. None of us could have imagined we would be giving birth in the middle of a pandemic, with restrictions ramping up prior to delivery adding more anxiety to our journey.
Cheryl helped us adapt to this new situation and our birth plan as well as execute this on the day and was a great liaison with the hospital staff. We had a wonderful and positive birth experience and delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy.
I couldn't recommend Cheryl enough and cannot imagine what our journey would have looked like without her. Thank you Cheryl!


“ With Cheryl’s help we were able to work through our fears and towards our goals. ”

James and Elizabeth

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