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Nicole and Riaz baby Aliya

My husband and I highly recommend Cheryl for anyone that wants a positive pregnancy and birth experience. From the time we first emailed Cheryl until now, weeks after our daughter’s birth, Cheryl has been amazing in her genuine interest and concern for us and the birth we hoped to have. Throughout the pregnancy and birth Cheryl was the calm voice of reassurance as well as a fount of knowledge on all things natural birth related. As we passed 40 weeks with no sign of our baby engaging, Cheryl provided just the kind of emotional support my partner and I needed, along with outlining the options we did have. We both felt genuinely cared for by Cheryl and are both amazed at how close we became in such a short time.

While we had prepared well for our birth by doing a hypnobirthing course, reading a lot and getting a private midwife, my husband and I both feel we couldn't have done it as confidently and easily if it hadn't been for Cheryl. She was ever knowledgeable yet non-judgemental, caring and provided the essential emotional support that complemented everything else we were doing. We now don’t know what we would have done without her!


“ Cheryl, thank you so much for listening, preparing, and providing Bec and I with the strength to birth naturally. What an amazing experience. ”

Daniel, Bec, and ... of course Charley

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