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Nicole, Darren and baby Charlie October 2020

Being first time parents, it was important for my partner and I to have continuity of care for the birth of our baby. We had a really difficult time in the lead up to the 3rd trimester of the pregnancy. On top of the Covid situation, we had some personal family issues that turned our world upside down.

When I first spoke to Cheryl I could tell she was very sympathetic to our situation, and her kindness was comforting to us during this turbulent time.

Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable and whenever we had a question or needed information she was always available and quick to respond with helpful references. She was very generous, not just with her time, but giving books and resources to us as well. It was comforting to know that we could speak to her when issues or concerns arose.

We had a hospital birth which did not quite go to plan (as is often the case). Cheryl was very calm and supportive throughout. It was clear she has a lot of experience and this was very reassuring in a vulnerable time.

During the postpartum period, we had some feeding issues and Cheryl was extremely helpful. She was able to connect us with the right people and offer advice. She also provided amazing nutritional advice along with some lovely homemade meals to put in the freezer which really took some pressure off. Thank you for everything Cheryl!


“ Cheryl is one of those amazing people who is living and breathing her passion. She has been an integral part of my three labours and births. ”


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