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Rhiannon, Dave and baby Beth July 2017

Not only is Cheryl a beautiful and caring person but she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about pregnancy and child birth.

We had so hoped and with the help of Cheryl, fully prepared for a natural vaginal birth but our birth plan changed late on, when we discovered our baby was breech and I was scheduled for a c-section. Cheryl was extremely calming and was there every step of the way to help us feel secure and informed about our changing circumstances. We had some difficult discussions with our medical team and Cheryl made herself available for hospital appointments and was an excellent source of impartial advice, which was often required when we felt overwhelmed by hospital protocol and procedures. We do feel, she had a profoundly positive impact on our pregnancy / birth journey. We would have felt very lost if Cheryl had not helped us navigate through our changing situation. In many ways she was able to prepare us for the unknown.

Cheryl has an innate ability to be very sensitive to your need for her presence as well as space. She has a very easy going yet confident nature, which was absolutely invaluable, particularly when it is your first baby and everything is new and scary. My husband felt very supported by Cheryl which he had not experienced from any other healthcare professional.

We have no family in Australia and we were particularly grateful for the postnatal support we received from Cheryl. From helping me to express colostrum in hospital post surgery, to dropping off delicious food at home for us, to answering emails about windy babies! Oh and her response time to emails and phone calls is absolutely phenomenal!

Thank you Cheryl for everything. We are very sad our time with you is nearly over  xx


“ Having professional support was our best birth decision. We had control over this aspect no matter what happened. ”

New Father

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